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An SEO Audit Provides Your Website With A Firm Foundation To Build On

When you receive a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audit from First Page Advertising you will receive the following:

A manual comprehensive review of your site

I use the top SEO tools to get under the hood of your website

Evaluate findings against scientifically proven ranking factors

Develop a work list of priority issues and improvements needing to be fixed

Propose a plan based on findings to get you ranking on Google

Why Do You Need An SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit is the only way the be able to clearly see where issues may be hiding within your website which are hurting your Google rankings.  This is similar to taking your car to the repair shop and them running diagnostics to isolate what is causing your car not to run correctly.  In addition, I am evaluating your website’s structure, content, and other on-page and off-page factors based on scientifically proven SEO ranking factors for Google. Our SEO Audit is a comprehensive manual process.  The end result will be a document outlining what is working correctly and listing issues that need to be fixed.

What’s Included


  • Image Compression

  • Browser Caching

  • Gzip Compression

  • JS and CSS Minification

  • Hosting Name: + Server Speed

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Overall Page Speed Timings and Requests


  • Images Missing Alt Tags

  • Image File URL’s

  • Title Tag Cannibalisation

  • Title Tags Too Short

  • Title Tag Length Too Long

  • Missing Meta Descriptions

  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions

  • Meta Descriptions Too Short

  • Meta Descriptions Including Phone Numbers

  • Meta Keywords


  • Exact Page Duplicates Without Canonicals

  • Closely Related Content Variant Duplicates

  • Thin Content Pages

  • Indexation

  • Multiple Categories Per Post

  • Authors

  • Dates

  • Tags

  • Media Attachments

  • Paginated Pages

  • Business Name Included in All Titles

Don’t guess about your SEO. Know!

SEO Audit Service
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SEO Audit Service
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Here is First Page Advertising's extensive SEO Audit Service. Have a website but it seems to be doing nothing? Let us take a look at your website and we will tell you what you should change on the site for it to start working for you. Having a website is only half the battle, getting the website seen on the internet is the other half and this is where we can help.